Rayna Art + Co is my little nook here in Des Moines, Iowa. My private, by appointment only studio is one of the first Indian + Women  owned tattoo studios within the USA. 

As a self taught artist from a very young age. I’ve adored creating art in many forms and mediums over the years. I always find myself being drawn back to my  Indian roots through patterns, mediums and community connection. 

Most of my work as an artist is to create space and flow within my art that is cohesive in whatever style or medium I’m creating with. I enjoy bold contrast, clean linework, textures and flow.  I primarily work within floral or Indian patterwork currently. 

Outside of creating art I enjoy biking, walking and all things nature. But I also enjoy the balance of new cities, new foods and spaces  to explore. I love connecting with other artists and nerding out about creating, how we create and the technical aspects of processes and mediums. 

Personally, I do enjoy a more minimalistic, slower approach these days. Which is why I only allow for 15 max appointments each month and a very high standard with my booking process.  My time is valuable, and I truly only want to spend it with those intentionally seeking out my art and are respectful of my policies in place. 

I value those that understand that all bodies are welcome here. All sizes, all skin tones, all shapes. BIPOC and  LGBTQIA+.

At the end of the day, thank you for your support. Being able to be a full-time artist is a dream and a privilege. I look forward to many years of creating with you all and sharing space. 

Let's make some magic!