Mehndi Appointments 

 Available Seasonally  May - October 2023


Individual Appointments | $80-$500  

2 -4 Person Small Groups ONLY $150-$300 Minimum | Paid In Full non-refundable, regardless if all individuals can make appointment 


** Please read ALL policies prior to booking** 

BOOKING IS OPEN ONCE A MONTH | Timeframes + Dates listed below. Subject to change depending on tattooing schedule / travel.  

Click this link to go to booking page.

Lower budget options are available during pop-up events, which are first come first serve.  All services are non-refundable, non-transferable and rescheduling fee is $50 for individual appointments and $150 for group sessions 

* No Longer Offering Wedding / Bridal Mehndi Services, Corporate or Business events, or pop-ups outside of Sundara Tattoo*