Updated 10/28/2023

Please be respectful of my time and energy as a full-time artist. All policies have been put in to ensure the best possible experience. 

SCHEDULING HOURS|  All appointments including reschedules are Wednesday-Friday 1pm-5pm  starting in 2024 with the exception of my flash sale weekends.  Please keep this in mind prior to booking. Some appointments may take an hour or two longer, as tattoos can not be completely predictable. 


DEPOSITS|  All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance. Deposits hold your  appointment slot for the booked date. Because I have limited slots per month. I do not fill any cancellations or reschedules, and I do not keep a waitlist currently. If you need to reschedule please review rescheduling below. If you wish to cancel your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and be subject to a cancellation fee. 

PAYMENTS| Payments under $600 are considered a payment in full and a non-refundable deposit to hold your time and date. It does NOT pay for your design, or tattoo service if you choose to no show  or cancel. Please review below for those separate instances. 


NON-REFUNDABLE  | All bookings, payments and product purchases made in full at $600 and under  are non-refundable under any circumstance. This includes all traveling clients and guest spot locations.  Including  your lifestyle changes due to unforeseen circumstances due to death, pregnancy, natural disasters, unforeseen acts of god, or any other circumstance. 

NON-TRANSFERABLE | Deposits, Services and products can NOT be transferred to another service, person or product under any circumstance.


NON-DISPUTABLE | All payments + invoices paid  through Square Capital LLC are non-disputable under any circumstance. As well as through the cardholder’s current bank. Escalations to credit bureaus or lawyer services will be enacted if necessary. As a potential client you agree to all terms prior to payment. And agree to not seek legal action against the artist or dispute any charges to cancellation of services

TIPPING| Tips are not accepted in any form. I have always appreciated the thought and gestures in the past. However moving forward I prefer to be paid the rates that I ask in order to make budgeting easier for clients and myself. 

WEATHER | Due to being in the Midwest and having many traveling clients. And unpredictable weather at times. I follow any school protocols in the nearby area. Or regional weather outlooks for travel recommendations. I do not charge a rescheduling fee if the weather is unsafe. I do not want any clients traveling in dangerous weather conditions and may require a reschedule under my discretion. 

TRAVELING CLIENTS | If you are client traveling from more than 1 hour one way, you are considered a traveling client and non local.  Please consider your lifestyle before booking. If you are a student I do not work around school schedules. If your job only allows you so much time off  or etc. etc.  Whatever the reason may be, I do not cater to each individual’s lifestyles or personal life events. 

GUESTS| Unless you are booking back to back slots with friends or family. Only ONE guest is allowed to come with to your appointment. Due to keeping the nature of the space quiet, intimate and relaxing. Too many people causes excessive noise, making it difficult for me to focus and work. 

LATE ARRIVALIf you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled and not refunded. 

If you will be more than 15 minutes late due to traffic or weather. Please notify me by email prior to being 15 minutes late. Otherwise you will be considered a no-show. 

More than 2 late arrivals will be considered a no-show and you will not be able to book future services. 

RESCHEDULINGNo Reschedules allowed for Permanent Collection Flash or Flash Sales due to the volume of clients that book this special set of flash that is only available to view at the time of your appointment. 

Clients are allowed 2 reschedules within 3 months of original appointment date. After that you will need to put down a new deposit of $600 to get rescheduled. 

If I reschedule it is most likely due to a medical condition or emergency. It is a rare occasion. I will do my best to get you rescheduled as soon as my body allows. I have chronic medical conditions that may affect rescheduling. And the schedule has time opened up. Due to being a solo studio, I may need to book other appointments in order to keep my doors open. 

NO SHOW |More than 2 late arrivals will be considered a no-show

If you do not show up to your appointment and I am not notified, you are considered a no-show. 

If  you no-show more than 1 time without proper notification.  You will not be able to book future services. 

CANCELLATIONIf you need to cancel your appointment, please notify me prior. And you will not be considered a no-show. 

 A 30% cancellation fee will be charged on appointments. As a potential client you agree to all terms prior to payment. And agree to not seek legal action against the artist or dispute any charges to cancellation of  services. Due to being a high demand artist and my current medical conditions. I ask that clients be committed to appointments booked. 

HARASSMENTIn person , online or via text or email or any form of communication between client and artist  that is harassment , bullying or other abuse will not be tolerated. Your appointment will be canceled immediately and not refunded.  

DECLINE OF SERVICESAs a small business I reserve the right to decline services and have no obligation to any client. If I feel my mental, physical or emotional  safety is compromised in any way I may decline a service with no further interaction  or legal action. 

Rayna Art + Co  does not tolerate hate, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, etc. 


SOCIAL MEDIA + CONTENTWhile I do not mind having my photos taken while working for personal use. Please ensure that you are tagging me in any posts or photos for personal accounts.If you are an influencer or content creator , I require a contract or consent form to be approved / signed.


This helps answer some common questions that arise for those new to tattooing or at unsure of what I offer for services. If you have questions about the space itself. Please see the Location tab for photos and information regarding setup. 

Are there multiple artists in your location we can book with? No, at this time my space is a solo studio. 

What is the best way to contact you?  Filling out the appropriate form on the website for touch ups/ reschedule  or the contact form.  I do not answer emails, texts or dm’s. Unless it is about healing or I contact you directly for short notice booking arrangements or specifics about your appointment. 

Do you take walk ins?  No , due to the amount of traveling clients I have across the Midwest and US. I can’t accommodate walk-in appointments. As the volume would be too unpredictable. I may offer a flash sale that is last minute similar to a walk-in style appointment where flash is only available to view the day of your appointment. But your time slot is secured. 

Do you offer custom tattooing?  No, I do not offer custom tattoos, I only tattoo in the styles offered in my portfolio. Please review my portfolios or Instagram prior to booking ? 

Do you offer fineline tattoos?   I only offer fineline floral tattoos through my permanent collection of repeatable designs. Which are 3” at most. I no longer offer fineline work due to wanting to expand my portfolio. I may offer it on occasion though flash, just to keep my skills well rounded. Fineline pricing is always 3x regular pricing due to the extra time and care it takes, with potential touchups. 

Do you offer micro tattoos?  No, if you are interested in tattoos under 1” or under ½ in”  I recommend reviewing my recommend artists tab. 

Do you offer color only line work?  No, due to the unpredictable nature of color healing and fading over time. 

Do you offer color tattoos at all?  At this time I only offer black ink.  I may consider color for some flash, but it not something I regularly offer.  

Will you add color or put color into any flash or prior work?  No, most of my designs or work are specifically tattooed for black ink or black / greyscale. I do not like to alter my original work very much as I am very intentional about how I want my work to look and what I want to add to my portfolio. 

Are there any placements you won’t tattoo?  I do not tattoo the face, armpits, ears, genitalia, or sides of feet or soles of feet. I will not tattoo any area  that is injured due to a medical condition or negligence. 

Harder to tattoo placements that are very visible or very painful  such as neck, hand and feet. I may only offer to return clients. If you are a new client or it is your first tattoo. 

Do you offer scar coverups?  Yes and No. I offer scar coverups only in my style. Which my preference is blackouts only.  Scars must be healed at least 3 years. 

Will you  tattoo my first tattoo?  ABSOLUTELY!   I always enjoy a good first tattoo session. I try offer a space and experience that is welcoming to your introduction to body art. 

Do you tattoo darker skin tone ? Yes of course, as someone with a darker but not on the very end of the spectrum. I will always tattoo darker skin tones in my style of work. 

Do you tattoo larger bodies?  Yes, absolutely my current table accepts a 550lb limit. And if that doesn’t work for you we can figure out an accommodation. 

Do you accommodate a disability such as hearing impairment or mobility aid/ issues ?  Yes. Absolutely, my space is purposely setup to accommodate wheelchairs and I have various furniture we can use to find the best positioning for us both. If you are in need of an interpreter please let me know in advance and we can arrange for this. 

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?  No, regardless of other state laws I will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even a parent or permission. 

Can I get a tattoo if I’m breastfeeding?  I do not recommend this due to skin changes and fluctuations in healing. 

Will you tattoo someone else’s artwork?  No at this time I only tattoo my own work and designs.