Covid-19 ( Coronavirus ) 
Policies + Updates 
( Henna + Tattoo Appointments) 
Policies are subject to change at anytime.
These are requirements not recommendations.

  1. Entry is not allowed to anyone who is visibly ill. 

  2. Entry is not allowed to anyone who has been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days. 

  3. Please have a mask ( that covers your mouth and nose ) on prior to entering the building. Facemask MUST be on the entire service. If you need to take a break you may do so in your vehicle ( if you need to eat ) 

  4. Please wait in your vehicle until notified to come into the building. 
  5. Wash your hands after entering the building ( Kitchen or Restroom) or use Hand Sanitizer provided.  

  6. Please hydrate plenty and eat before your tattoo appointment. 

  7. Dress appropriately for your appointment. 

  8. Do not bring any extra items into the Studio extra layers of clothing must be kept in vehicle.( If you get cold you can take a break to grab items)   You may bring these items listed below into your session. 

    1. Phone

    2. Drivers Licensce 

    3. Small Purse

    4. Water Bottle ( Closed lid /cap bottle) 


  1. Please come alone, until further notice no extra guests are allowed inside the studio. They may wait outside in a vehicle. 

  2. If you have shown any symptoms or signs of illness, are not feeling well. Please reschedule your appointment from your original online booking. ( Online booking is always first come first serve) 

  3. During this time anyone can show asymptomatic signs and can bring this home to their household. If you feel unsafe getting tattooed, please reschedule. 

  4. If you have a compromised immune system, please reschedule. 

  5. Please do NOT wear gloves into the building. They easily can cause cross contamination. Hand washing is a safer approach. 

  6.  Studio is always by appointment only. If you are not social distancing and not taking precautions during this time, please reschedule. 

  7. During this time I am taking on only one client a day to prevent cross contamination. 

  8. If a client receives a positive Covid-19 test at any time.  They must notify Rayna Art + Co. And allow us to publicly allow the company to notify its  clients on social media.  Client names will be kept private. 

  9. PLEASE quarantine for 2 weeks prior to your appointments date. if you have traveled out of state. Have been to a large gathering or event.  

10.  If you are not social distancing, regularly traveling, eating in busy public restaurants regularly and not actively wearing a mask.  I would ask that you quarantine 14 days prior to your appointment.  PLEASE remember this is my full-time job. Keeping my studio doors open directly is impacted if I get sick or were to be exposed to Covid-19.  

Please remember that if I get sick, no one can come in for their appointments. Please show up on time and be respectful of other guests entering and exiting the building.  If funding was available to continue to keep the studio doors closed. I absolutely would do so.  As always this is a service provided. And I have the right to refuse service if I feel unsafe. Without any refunds or rescheduling. 

Due to unknown factors of Covid-19 ( coronavirus ).  Appointments could be asked to reschedule at anytime. The studio could temporarily close for a short amount of time. If case numbers increase drastically.  The studio is at the mercy of the IDPH. If they chose to close again. Appointment will need to be rescheduled. There are many factors and risks on both my end and your end. You are acknowledging, giving consent and releasing  Rayna Gasteiger of Rayna Art + Co of any liability due to any health related issue.  Specifically any health concern or risk due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus that is taken by receiving services by Rayna Art + Co. Client will assume all liability.