( Unless you have prepaid for a gift certificate, we have confirmed a project already or you have a booking link already.) All booking links will expire MAY 31st. 2021 

Starting in MAY 2021 I will no longer be offering custom tattoos. I really appreciate anyone that really wants a custom tattoo designed by me. It truly is such a compliment. But to stay true to what keeps me motivated + balanced as an artist.   My priority has always been to tattoo my original designs + ideas.  Keep an eye out on each monthly flash release on Instagram. I hope you’ll find a design that you love and will be at home with your body. 

I will happily refer you to another artist that fits your design idea. This tattoo artist may be local or out of state, potentially in another country or region. I truly only refer artists that I can feel will render your idea at 110% + has similar values and practices that reflect my own. I don’t refer out artists that have scraggly line work when you zoom in on photos or  is a “fast” tattoo artist. Even if they are a popular artist or well known.  I will try to give you a referral that is the best fit for your idea.