What  are Freehand Floral Sessions ? 

Freehand Floral tattoos are designs drawn directly on the skin. They are a collaboration between client and artist. This type of session is unique in that the final tattoo is one of a kind, shaped to flow with the body and allows for full artistic creative freedom for the artist. 


How does it work ? 

When booking this session, you will fill out the form with your ideas for flowers and plants that you like. Foliage will be added to enhance the style. 

Flowers NOT AVAILABLE | There are specific flowers that I have tattooed a lot and this list will be updated occasionally 

-No Sunflowers, Roses, Iris or Ivy 

At this time I want to specifically focus on FLORALS + FOLIAGE ONLY.  I do not want to currently add in butterflies , bugs , honeycomb , birds or other elements as I am working to create a specific style. And these elements take much longer. I will however be adding more of these to my flash offerings. And I recommend that you book the flash and add to your piece in that way  EFFECTIVE  5/17/2023

What does full creative freedom mean ? 

It is pretty straight forward, as an artist my best work is created when my ideas are not limited. While I do continually consent while creating. If you are nit picky or can not allow me to just draw freely, this type of session is NOT for you. Having my work picked apart or needing to control every detail and aspect give me a great deal of anxiety. And it will not make for a great experience for both the client or artist. I have many clients that have already trusted me with this style of session and work. And it is the highest compliment to an artist to just trust the process.  This type of session is the closet you will be able to get to a custom tattoo. As I no longer offer custom tattooing. 

What is the line thickness / style offered ? 

In order for my work to look best for longevity I no longer offer fineline styles for this work. In the past I have offered this. But feel my work looks best with thicker lines in order to create more depth within my pieces. I also do not offer only linework, as I prefer my style looks best with shading elements and potential blackout areas within the design .  Please see examples below. 

I do however offer my permanent collection of fineline florals. This is an option I created so for those that enjoy smaller dainty fineline pieces can still book and create a larger design over time with these smaller sessions. These are however NOT custom oriented, and are set repeatable designs. 

How should I budget for this style of work ? 

As I continue to grow in this style and have 15 years as a professional artist to my career, outside of tattooing on skin. My skill level will continue to only get better, faster and more unique to my style as an artist. Not every artist is capable of this type of session / artist style. It is a sought out style and is more time intensive, mentally and physically than just using a stencil on skin. Because of my experience level and attention to care as a session pricing will ebb and flow. But is higher priced than regular flash designs. For ease of booking these are only booked as  full day sessions at a flat rate. If we can not finish all within the timeframe, then another session will be required to be booked when the monthly books open. It is your responsibility to book any extra sessions needed or reschedule within the policies set. Because of the size, detailing and subject matter, it may take more than one session to finish.  Examples listed below are an estimated time / design. 


FULL DAY |  $3000 (8-10 Hours  | 1-2 days Back To Back Only ) *Tips not accepted* 

Can I book a session smaller than a full day ?  No at this time, I prefer that these be full day sessions and often 2 days are needed to finish the project entirely. Appointments are available for the first day on Thursdays, and then we will continue on a Friday. But you will only book the Thursday appointment online.

 I want to focus on larger scale work for these sessions. Because I offer a flat rate, we finish all that we can in one day. Ideally the lining. And any shading or blackouts can be finished on the second day if needed.  I do not offer the second session at a later time. As I want the piece to feel and look cohesive and be a completely finished large scale piece. 

What if I want to have a full sleeve ?  If you’re interested in a full sleeve. I will begin taking inquiries through a submission form for these sessions in Oct 2023. Scheduling for these sessions will depend on if you are local or a traveling client. Pricing is set at a full day rate only (Thur/ Friday required at minimum). Payment in full is required to book your scheduled dates with a signed contract. 

Example of coverage, style and lighter shading . 

 Example of coverage and light dotted shading style 


Example| Bold + Blackouts Added , 1/2 sleeve of outer arm could be accomplished.