Ephemeral Body Art 
The Differences Between Henna + Jagua + Henna/Jagua Blend + White Body Paint 
Henna is a LEAF
 Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, the henna tree, the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet, is a flowering plant and the sole species of the Lawsonia genus. It's leaves produce natural dye  used to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool and leather. 
Safe natural handmade henna paste is applied to the skin in a freehand design. The paste is brown (never black , black henna is unsafe and contains dangerous chemicals see link at bottom) The natural henna paste is left on for hours ( see care instructions tab). Then removed. The stain left behind will be a bright orange and as it starts to oxidize it darkens into a deeper brown to reddish stain. If the paste itself is left on longer, before scraping, it will appear darker and last longer with proper care. Then as all good things it will start to fade as the skin exfoliates. Natural henna designs can last from 1-3 weeks depending on the area of body it's placed and proper pre care and after care. Because of unknown allergies at a young age. Henna is available to children 5+ and older.  Anyone that has a rare disorder G6PD deficiency or are allergic to aspirin or fava beans, should not get henna. Being allergic to henna is rare, but is possible because it is a plant. http://www.refinery29.com/2017/06/161070/black-henna-dangers-chemical-burns
Jagua is a FRUIT 
Genipa, the genip-trees, are a genus of flowering plant  in the family Rubiaceae. The genus is also commonly called jagua, xaguaor xaqua. Jagua comes from the rainforest fruit Genipa Americana. In its unripe stage, the fruit is juiced and the resulting juice is used to create a stain that South American natives have used for body adornment for more than 2,000 years. 
Safe natural handmade Jagua Paste is similar to the application of henna. Our is safe paste does not contain chemicals ( Just like Henna, Jagua can contain added chemicals or PPD. Please see link above to learn more about unsafe altered paste).  Jagua stains a natural dark blue in color. It appears very light at first and then begins to darken. It stains instantly, even if you don't see the color. Jagua is a citrus fruit, the juice used is highly concentrated and may cause an allergic reaction to those with sensitivities or sensitive skin.  Read more about Jagua under Care Instructions. Jagua is available to 10+ and older. Because it stains incredibly fast younger kids are not recommend. It lasts 1-3 weeks with proper care.  
Rayna Art + Co No Longer offers this service. Jagua information is kept updated for education purposes. 
Henna + Jagua Blend 
Henna and Jagua mixed together create a blend of the two natural dyes.  Often coined "Hengua" , we do not use nicknames due to cultural differences and originality of the two different mediums. The natural paste is handmade. It  creates a gel like texture that takes longer to dry than our other natural pastes. It stains a dark maroon to deep brown tone. It is a beautiful way to achieve a darker stain and is recommend for larger body henna designs. Such as a chest or back piece.  It lasts 1-3 weeks with proper care. Photo to the left shows Jagua, Henna+ Jagua Blend in the middle area, and Henna together. Rayna Art + Co does not offer this service. 
Body Paint 
Coined "White Henna" our Body Paint designs are not actually staining. The paint is formulated to be longer lasting than regular body art paint. It is slightly waterproof. And lasts 1-2 days dependent on the area it's applied and proper aftercare.  Rayna Art + Co does not offer this service.