* Starting in MAY 2021*
Unlike a traditional shop... My private studio is by appointment ony.  I only use my online booking system. And release monthly flash to be booked.  To produce high quality work + really give every client a solid session. These are the new hours I will be available to book. I will no longer be available outside of these hours. (With the exception of guest spots and traveling).
Typically I book out 1-2 months in advance. Which is plenty of time for you to request off work (MANY  clients do this. Just like if you were to make a Doctor’s appointment , Dental ect. ) and arrange for a relaxing day in the studio. Please arrange all your other daily obligations ( such as childcare ect.) in advance.   Because I take on 2-3 clients a day. It’s you’re responsibility to show up on time and be prepared for you’re appointment.  * Please see booking policies* 
If you need to reschedule you can do so from your original email confirmation. This may mean you have to wait for the books to reopen to reschedule. As they fill up fast and only open once a month. 
TUESDAY- CLOSED ( Will respond to messages in response to your appointment only on Tuesdays.) 
Wednesday |    1-7pm
Thursday |  1-7pm
Friday |  1-7pm
SATURDAY | CLOSED ( Will have 1 Saturday a month outside of Guest Spots open.)