How To Book Flash Tattoos

What is a Flash Tattoo ?  

Flash tattoos are hand drawn or digitally drawn work by Rayna. Some specific items may be royalty free designs. These designs are pre-drawn and as is designs. Meaning there are no changes to the style, size and specific placements may only be offered. These designs are protected under copyright law. Under no circumstances is it okay to steal or copy an artist’s work without purchase and permission.

Hand drawn designs in a digital era, create a more personal touch of the artist’s  mark. While some designs may be presented digitally, all of Rayna’s work is hand drawn and then potentially digitally drawn for ease of viewing a final design. Mandalas are the only design drawn digitally from start to finish.  Many artists anymore just copy and paste designs off the internet or even worse copy other artists work verbatim. Which is against copyright law if it is not a royalty free image. 

Royalty free designs are artwork that may be copied with permission. Such as images from public domain like the National Gallery of Art. I do find the idea of this intriguing as I have a love for historical, vintage and art beyond our time. It is a challenging practice to reproduce art in the form of a tattoo. This is not against copyright infringement. As I always approach art with respect and admiration for any maker or creator. These designs are not able to purchased  as a flash pass. As it is not my original artwork. 

All designs that are not booked will be transitioned to a Flash Pass in my online shop. They will no longer be able to be tattooed by me personally. Please see review the flash pass + policies on the website to learn more about the process of booking a flash pass. 

If you see one of these designs. I would not wait to book it. All flash is on a first come first serve basis. I do not hold designs under any circumstance. If you have a hard time remembering the release time and date. I suggest that you set a calendar reminder or alarm reminder. 

Please refrain from messaging on socials that you missed the flash release. This schedule will be set in stone. Unless my health requires it to change otherwise. I only book 1 month in advance and I only open the booking for 2 hours.  Due to high volume and demand for my work. This also allows for clients to not have to wait months for their appointment, and allows for more of an opportunity for new clients to book with me. 

Payment + Pricing ( Please see booking policies + FAQ for full details) 
$600 Deposit Minimum 
Remainder of payment in full is due in cash, the day of your appointment. Prior  to any service being rendered. Please ensure you have exact cash, as I do not have change, nor do I accept tips. 

2024 Flash Release Schedule 

January| 5th 10AM-NOON

February| 2nd 10AM-NOON

March| 1st 10AM-NOON

April| 5th 10AM-NOON

May| 3rd 10AM-NOON

June| 7th 10AM-NOON

July| 5th 10AM-NOON

August| 2nd 10AM-NOON

September| 6th 10AM-NOON

October| 4th 10AM-NOON

November| 1st 10AM-NOON

December | 6th 10AM-NOON