What is Flash ? 

Flash tattoo designs are pre-drawn tattoo designs either drawn by hand, digitally rendered or drawn by hand and then digitally rendered artwork. The design is drawn with the intention to be tattooed on the skin. 

What makes these pre-drawn tattoos different ? 

These designs are drawn with the intention of being permanently tattooed on the skin. The drawing + design itself are intentionally created to be on a certain placements or area of the body.  And the style is drawn particularly so it will heal well and age well in time. The lines, how thin or bold they are directly are chosen to match needle sizes. Which creates ease for the design to transfer to skin as a tattoo. 

Why are there only specific placements ? 

It may be due to the artists capability and skill level at that time. And what works for them to physically tattoo onto the skin. The artist may be looking to add to their portfolio for a specific placement. Some styles also look+ heal better on certain areas of the body. Certain areas of the body take longer to tattoo than others. And it could simply be a matter of scheduling and time. 

Why is the size so specific ? 

Many artists draw specifically to match their needle size, what will heal best with specific styles and details. The size and detail will determine how long the session will take. So by asking to make a design larger, it will take longer. Many artists prefer a flat rate price, in order to give a client a set budget that they can rely on. Instead of being surprised by the end of the session with a huge bill. This also helps an artist determine their income more regularly and is more reliable financially. 

Many designs are not drawn with the intention to be made smaller, due to the details or space in the design. It may not look good healed in that specific placement. Or it is not what the original vision was for the design.  Typically you don’t ask you’re hair stylist for just a trim and then expect for it to be chopped completely off. Tattoo design can be seen in the same way.  Size changes will also throw off the time it takes to tattoo. Even just a ½ inch will take usually an extra 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the style. And many artist have a set schedule for the day, or more than one client to attend to. 

Why are only some designs available once and some are repeatable ? 

Most artists do not like to offer a tattoo design more than once on each individual. To have an offer for just one also give you an opportunity for a special one of kind design. Especially if they do not offer custom work. Sometimes the design is rather large and most artists do not want to repeat a large design for their portfolios.  Smaller designs however often can be repeated more easily, and most clients do not choose the same placements. The tattoo itself will still feel more unique to each individual. 

What are permanent flash collections ? 

These collections are small works of original designs. Created to allow more opportunities for clients to have original work, at a lower budget and they are repeatable. Permanent collections also are always available unlike designs released only one time each month. That may or not be available again. This helps create a consistent offering, that can allow more clients to have the opportunity to receive a tattoo.  These designs can also be build on over time,to create a larger tattoo. That is easier for some clients to heal and budget for. 

What is a flash pass ? 

A flash pass, allows you to purchase a tattoo design from another artist, or the original artist. But can be brought to maybe a walk-in tattoo artist shop or an artist willing to tattoo the design. Or if you live too far away to travel to the original artist that created the design. Such as if you live a coast away or outside of the country. This allows individuals to support that artist directly and have their art tattooed on them.  Not all tattooers accept or allow flash passes. This is a personal preference and it solely up to the artist discretion.  The original artist can never guarantee the skill level of another artist, or that the work will be rendered perfectly as the design or skill level of the original artist.  It is a professional courtesy to not change the original art and always credit the original artist. 

It is never appropriate to copy, steal or recreate another artist flash designs. This is their hard work, time and what financially supports their work. And makes it unique to receive a tattoo from this artist. It is illegal and against copyright law to do so. It is plagiarism in the form of a art design instead of written words. It is stealing in the form of art instead of a physical product off a shelf. Please respect and value your artist time and careers.