Permanent Collections| Flash 
  1. Original hand drawn designs by Rayna. These collections will be permanently available indefinitely. All designs are repeatable. Placements are for Arms + Legs ONLY ( no elbows, inside elbow (ditch), top of knee, or knee ditch, no wrist or ankle areas that are dry or will wear and tear. ) 


    • These collections were created to keep a lower cost flash option available to clients one set weekend a month and also help keep my studio doors open. So I can focus on really growing my flash + freehand + larger scale works. Spots are limited to 15 in 2023 per weekend. Once all the slots are sold out, that’s it for the year.  Pricing will increase to $180 for 2024 and only 10 slots available. *tips not accepted*


    • These appointments are non-refundable, no rescheduling and non-transferable to another person, service or product. 


    • Due to the volume of designs and added designs. They are NOT posted publicly, and are only able to view in the studio. There are over 50 designs per collection. Designs are as is, no modifications to the size or original style.  Please do not steal or copy these designs. They are for my use only for clients being tattooed by me in my studio. 


    • If booking multiple slots or with a friend or family member. Please try and book back to back if you’re wanting them all the same day. This is not guaranteed as it’s first come first serve with online booking.  


    • Please make sure each individual person fills out the contact information for emergencies and that person reads and answers the form questions. 


    • Unless booking with friends or family back to back slots. Only ONE GUEST is allowed to come with. Due to noise and limited space. 


    • Set an alarm or reminder on your phone !  


    COLLECTIONS | 1 Hour Session $150 *no tips accepted* 

    Fineline Florals + Foilage 2”-3” 

    Indian Inspired 1/2”-3” 

    * Future additions to be added * 

    *Bees 1/2”-1” 

    *Bugs 1”-3” 

    *Butterflies 1”-3” 

    *Dainty Color Flowers 1/2”-3” 


    DATES 2023

    JULY |  27th- 30th (7 spots available ) 

    AUGUST | 24th-27th ( 8 spots available) 

    SEPTEMBER | 8th + 9th  ( 8 spots available) 

    OCTOBER | 27th + 28th (7 spots available ) 

    *Once all slots are filled for 2023, that’s all that is available! Don’t snooze ! * 



    2024 Tentative Dates 

    ( Subject To Change With Travel + Health )

    $180 Per Slot * No Tips Accepted * 


    JANUARY| 13th + 14th (10 slots available)

    FEBRUARY| 10th + 11th (10 slots available) 

    MARCH| 9th + 10th  (10 slots available) 

    APRIL| 6th + 7th  (10 slots available) 

    MAY| 4th + 5th (10 slots available) 

    JUNE| 8th + 9th (10 slots available)  

    JULY| 6th + 7th (10 slots available) 

    AUGUST| 10th + 11th (10 slots available) 

    SEPTEMBER| 13th + 14th + 15th (10 slots available) 

    OCTOBER| 26th + 27th  (10 slots available) 

    NOVEMBER| 2nd + 3rd (10 slots available) 

    DECEMBER| 7th + 8th (10 slots available)