Permanent Collections | This is small sample of what is available in my flash books for these smaller 1/2”-3” designs. All designs are drawn by hand and only available to view in the studio at the time of your appointment.  New designs will be added annually. These are repeatable designs available for arms + legs only currently.  These can be booked under Flash. Please see How To Book | Flash for more information.  Please do not steal or copy my work. 

Fineline Florals | Only offered through my permanent collections, I no longer am offering fineline tattoos as I pursue other styles. 

Indian Inspired | These og small Indian inspired pieces were originally drawn with henna paste, then digitally rendered. Any new additions have been drawn by hand or digitally drawn. 

Mehndi + Indian Inspired Flash|   This is the style of work I look forward to adding to my portfolio.  As it connects me to my South Asian heritage as well as others that appreciate Indian culture. These works are for everyone, I just ask that you be respectful and considerate of culture. Please take the time to educate and learn about Indian culture as I am not an encyclopedia to answer all of your questions. These designs are NOT repeatable.  Most of these designs are either drawn with henna paste or drawn by hand.  Some designs may be digitally rendered such as mandalas or anything symmetrical. But I do enjoy the handmade aspect of this style  and imperfections of a handmade mark/ drawing. Size + placements are between 4”x6”-8”x10” current placements are for arms and legs only.  Sizing is strict as I drawn things to be rendered a specific size for the best healed result for the style. I will not alter the size, unless it doesn’t fit well with the body placement. * I do not incorporate script or religious imagery in my work at this time.  These can be booked under Flash. Please see How To Book| Flash for more information.

Wild Florals + Botanical  Flash | This style may include or exclude insects, animals or just strictly be florals and foliage. Some elements a stencil may be used, some parts may be drawn on the skin directly to help create a cohesive design. All florals and elements are drawn by hand or inspired by nature. These can be booked under Flash. Please see How To Book for more information.


Pre-Drawn Large Body Designs |  As I shift into larger body pieces such as half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, full back or full sleeves. I will have some pre-drawn concepts available. These may use a combination of a stencil or be drawn directly on the skin.  These will replace my freehand floral and freehand Indian inspired sessions . As I shift into pursuing designs and patterns that I want to incorporate into  my portfolio. These sessions will take multiple appointments to be booked. These sessions require full creative freedom. Unlike my previous freehand sessions. These are not a collaboration. The design is drawn to fit the flow of the body. Pattern work and details are non-negotiable as I want my art to be specific style, all of my work includes shading and blackouts. Please see How To Book| Body Concepts 

This is a small sampling of my work for those that don’t use social media platforms. I do update this periodically to show most current work.  If you would like to view more. Please follow me on Instagram or TikTok