** Please read all booking policies **
Next  Flash Release Date || March 7th (10AM-11AM)  - ONE HOUR ONLY 
DESIGNS| All original flash designs are my original work. All designs are hand drawn and then digitally rendered for more flexibility for placement. My work is protected under regular copyright laws. My designs are my property and may not be copied, stolen or used for inspo that is very clearly similar to the original design. 
Flash designs purchased are for a one time use on body. They are not your property to use in any other medium, product or service. My original designs may be used for other products or merchandise sold by Rayna Art + Co. If you would like to purchase the licensing right to my artwork please email 
SIZE || The approx size of the flash design is also what determines the price along with placements. I will always use my art to shape the body area.  However if we are needing to make the flash significantly larger. Or you are wanting it larger than what is specified. The price point will change for that design. 
PLACEMENTS|  Currently I am not tattooing specific areas. These are all listed on the each design page. Each flash design is priced specifically for overall placements. Please read if the design is specific to one placement. I am wanting to expand my portfolio slowly to show work on specific areas of the body with specific styles. These will be priced accordingly. 
PRICING| Flash prices reflect $150-$200  hourly rate. But unlike an hourly rate. You pay a flat price point. Meaning if we go over on time, you will not be charged extra. My pricing is almost always spot on with how many hours an appointment may take. Please plan your day accordingly in case your appointment may take longer. My prices are always subject to change for every design and every flash release. 
My prices will always reflect the ebbs and flows of my business needs.  I plan to continue traveling and my pricing will reflect rates from the West Coast- East Coast to International rates. I do not price my rates based on just the Midwest solely. 
If you love my work and want it on your body as art. Or find a way to personally connect with the design. I dig that and would to see ya in the studio! 

1.Go to and hit the BOOK tab
  1. Scroll down to the categories and select TATTOO
  1. Select the Flash Tattoo + the  Month you would like to book. 
  1. Select the time & date. Hit the button CONTINUE
  1. Fill out the contact form ( ensure all info is correct, in case of needing to get ahold of you for an emergency or weather related issue)
  1. Finish filling out the form and READ the terms and conditions. And check the little terms and conditions box !
  1. Enter the coupon code in the REDEEM box.
7.YOU MUST PUT THE COUPON CODE IN ( It’s really easy guys and save me a lot of time and hassle) If you don’t do it. SOMEONE ELSE CAN BOOK THAT NUMBER. As it’s still available in my system.
8.After putting in the coupon code. Make sure to hit APPLY and a green arrow should appear. 
9.Hit the checkout button and proceed to payment screen