Moisturize the area to be tattooed with lotions or oils. 

Drink plenty of water 2 weeks prior to your appointment

Eat prior to your appointment

Avoid caffeine or blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen or tylenol 

Dress comfortable for your placement for your tattoo. 

Shave the area to be tattooed if you feel comfortable 

Plan accordingly for your lifestyle, arrive on time, plan for any extra traffic or weather. 



Open Air Healing

Wash your hands 

Remove the bandage 

Wash the tattooed area with UNSCENTED soap and water

Pat dry with paper towels for sanitation / to avoid any bacterial transfers from dirty towels ect. 

Once completely dry apply tattoo balm for 1-2 day

Switch to UNSCENTED lotion on day 3-10 to allow for the skin to breathe more and heal + peel. 

Do NOT pick at scabs or flaking, let it fall off naturally. 

Switch back to tattoo balm after your peeling stage is over and everything feels smooth to the touch. 

Second Skin 

Leave second skin on as directed by your artist. 

Fineline Styles 5-7 days

Lines + Shading 3-5 Days 

Lines + Shading + Blackouts 1-3 days ( If you have a lot of blood and plasma buildup or an ink sack forming, remove before it could splatter, or be punctured ) 

Removes Second Skin if you see signs 

Redness that doesn’t go away within 48 hours

Big air bubbles that could leak out ink or let bacteria in 

Cuts or breaks in the barrier 

Any signs of allergic reaction such as small red bumps or swelling

Any signs of infections such as excessive pus, skin not healing properly, ect. ( Seek medical advice) 

Do NOT soak or submerge with second skin on or healing within the first 2-3 weeks.  You may shower with second skin on.

If you sweat excessively, may be in high heat conditions, or plan to excessive. Remove second skin immediately after. As sweat can cause infections. And the adhesive and heat do not pair well together and can cause skin reactions.

Remove the barrier at the end of the shower or over the sink/ shower.  DO NOT rip or pull fast to take off. It may damage the tattoo and skin. Slowly pull away from the body downward or in a way the ink/ plasma buildup will not splatter.  Allowing warm water to drip over the skin may loosen it up while tugging away from the body.

Follow open air healing instructions after bandage is removed. 

Blackouts and Full Color 

Healing is similar to regular linework tattoos. However, it is imperative to keep the skin clean and patted dry. And allow for the skin to naturally heal, peel and flake off.  If the skin is not doing this, you may be over moisturize and causing an infection.  

Recommend to NOT do after your tattoo 

( For at least 2 weeks, if you have a large tattoo up to 6 weeks )

NO direct sunlight or tanning ( bed or outdoors) on tattooed area 

NO Scented products of any kind

NO Scratching or picking at scabs ( let them heal, and fall away naturally )

NO submerging ( taking a bath), swimming of any sort in water for at least 2 weeks. Ideally until completely healed through in 3-4 weeks to avoid infection from dirty water. 

No petroleum based products. ( These can cause the ink to not retain in the skin properly)

TRY to avoid excessive pet hair or pets licking the skin… it’s dirty and can cause an infection.

If you will get sweaty in any capacity ensure that you can properly cleanse the area immediately after. Best to avoid heavy activity. 

Sunscreen can be applied once tattoo is fully healed through, until then keep the area covered and protected from any sun damage/ burns. 


Healing varies from every single person, due to different lifestyles. It’s important that you trust and pay attention to your skin during this time.  All of the above is recommended for the best healing outcome.  This is NOT medical advice. It is recommended that you seek medical attention if you see signs of infection. 

Rayna Art + Co  is not responsible or liable for any healing process once you leave our studio doors. As many factors can play into healing out of our control.  Rayna Art + Co is not responsible or liable for any misconduct, advice or recommendations given by resident or guest artists. 

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