Black + White Illustration 4

Black + White Illustration 4

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Hand drawn // Vellum + Archival Ink  6”x8”

Drawing / Painting is intended for personal use only. 

Thoughts for displaying. 

Long term it is ideal to keep artwork out of direct sunlight. Or be protected with a UV spray or Glass. 

Binder Clips, push pins or bug pins are a low cost option. But will leave marks on edges as long as you are okay with that. 

utilizing a magnet strip or magnets is an easy way to change out art. Particularly for smaller items.

Larger works over 9x12 or 12x12 hold up best when framed. 

Matting and Framing is always optional and can protect the artwork for gifting or displaying.

Mounting or Floating in a frame could be ideal for pieces that do not have a dedicated white border. Or less space to adjust for a typical frame. 

Always recommend to use archival or acid free tape. To prevent any yellowing. 

This is the original and only piece available. It is signed on the back.