Glass 3” Mandala Ornament

Glass 3” Mandala Ornament

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Freehand painted 3” Round GLASS ornament. 

This is the only design available and only available as glass.  Limited quantity available. 

Handle carefully when opening package. Do not soak or submerge in water.  Wash lightly with microfiber cloth if needed. 

Do not set down with paint side down. 
Do not place near warm/hot areas 

Do not expose to excessive heat or  cold. Paint may chip off if left in these conditions too long.  If reshipping item use plain paper ( no ink)  

When storing, store separately. Do not allow paint to be touching other plastic or surfaces . As it can adhere and peel from the ornament. 

If your ornament is damaged in transit please contact. As there is insurance on this item 

Non-refundable product due to glass.