Raja Henna Powder Skin + Hair

Raja Henna Powder Skin + Hair

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My exclusive blend of Raja Henna Powder  is the perfect color bold cherry brown natural stain, and long lasting with proper pre+aftercare taken. 

How to use-  Let sit at 70 degrees for 2-4 hours dependent, check inbetween with a small dot for 10 minutes, scrape dot and stain should appear bright orange when ready to use.  Or let sit in refrigerator 24 hours, for a consistent dye release. 

Cones are good for 7 days in the fridge or  freeze when not in use.  Constant refreezing will change the texture to be runnier and stain will not be at it's best quality. 

 Perfect for draping long lines, bridal quality, and thick juicy work!  

All  Safe Natural Handmade Organic Powder is  currently packed specifically to be identifiable without extra sticker packaging to help reduce waste.

HENNA FOR HAIR USE-  Use this powder and mix as directed for body art the same for hair use.  DO NOT use henna on chemically enhanced hair.  

Natural Henna can dye  Hair, Skin, Nails, Lips, Eyebrows and all porous surfaces. 

100 Gram RECIPE 

100 Gram Raja Henna Powder

1/4 cup Regular Table Sugar ( adjust sugar for humidity in your region) 

1 cup Water ( adjust water for consistency and humidity) 

1- 1.5 oz of  Essential Oil (  Only use high quality oils safe for skin use, too much essential oil will cause the paste to form bleed oil when applied and design will be blotchy) 


25 Gram RECIPE 

25 Grams Raja Henna Powder 

2 TBSP Sugar ( adjust to humidity in your region) Approx. 2 sugar packets. 

1/4 cup Water ( adjust water for consistency and humidity) 

.05 oz Essential Oil (  See Travel Size )